About me. (ahem)

I was born an illustrator, oh, a few years back. Ask any old geezer what an illustrator was, and they'll tell you. Or look it up in a dictionary. Well, ask the same old geezer what a dictionary was then, too! Boy! Some people!

Illustrators today are in demand. Along with shepherds, ice truck drivers, and Edsel mechanics. (sigh) I enjoyed a good career as an illustrator, worked for a lot of big clients, did some cool projects, won a bunch of stuff, too. Times change, however. When people want illustration today they want it for $29.95 (or less) and they want to download it while they wait. Many of the big jobs I took in the past needed weeks or even months to do all the stuff that needed to be done.

I enjoyed the challenge of working to produce an image that did something for the client... helped them sell something, provided an impulse to take action, answered a question, and most importantly, reinforced their brand. Your brand, after all, is what people say about you when you're no longer in the room. It's important, and you can't neglect it if you want to stay on the playing field.

So I went back to work as a designer. Basically, graphic design solves a client's communication problem. Sometimes it's only words, once in a while it's just an image, but mostly it's a combination of both. That's the easy part. You still need a way to get it in front of someone... maybe a variety of ways.

Magazines, newspaper ads, trade shows, billboards, websites... it can be pretty complex at times. Plus lots of people get information on hand-held devices, so websites today need to be designed to take advantage of that, too.

I still enjoy the work that goes into figuring out how to get the message out, and more importantly, to get measurable results. Got a communication problem that needs to be solved?

Let's talk.

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