Thanks for stopping by. I'm Jeff Marinelli, as you probably know, or have hazarded by those shrewd, intuitive guesses you're always making. I'm a graphic designer, art director, and yes, an illustrator who's looking to make a move to a different company.

This little site was built in Dreamweaver CS5, and all the stuff that goes with it was done in Adobe CS5 as well. I've since made the jump to CS6. I like technology, but I still draw stuff by hand, too, and much of my work still starts with a sketch on a piece of paper.

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Be sure to check out my stuff, seeing as you're already here. I still accept freelance illustration assignments, but am looking for a position as a full-time designer or art director. Please call me if you wish at (585) 396-1814, but because I'm generally working, email will get you a quicker response.

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